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We have all hear about the phrase “minimal fashion” obviously there are a few things that instantly pops to our minds. This is very common to come across those tightly curated closets with carries shapeless and wispy pieces. It could be in lovely shades of taupe, grey or black.

Minimal can also be colorful, it could the general vibe that you are going for. The best thing about going for the minimal fashion is that it is really easy for you to get dressed. This is just about perfect for people who struggle in the morning to get dressed. You can never know how a minimal approach to fashion would look. Because different clothe pieces represents a part of a puzzle.

The neutral filled closets are one of the key aspects of a minimal fashionista. They specifically have a minimal fashion aesthetic. This is just more than any attitude it is more of a though process behind the color palettes that you have to choose and the outfit combinations that you have to make. It is basically making up a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and also with high quality pieces that you love. These kind of clothes tend to last for years so it is a win-win.

When it comes to this kind of fashion people often get confused. They think the goal is to get your dresses and shoes down to single digits. Or to only have clothes with shades of taupe, cream, grey and black. And they end up hating they’re closet. The idea of minimal approach to fashion is the exact opposite. More often when we look at our closet it is quite normal for us to think that we don’t have anything to wear. The case here is called decision fatigue because the more choices you have less confident you are with your decisions.

If you want to feel amazing when you open up your closet then you have to first start by decluttering. It would be amazing to look into your closet and only see the things that you love. So how can you get your closet to look like that? The first step is always to declutter and get rid of clothes that you are not feeling like wearing anymore. This is the basic step to your dream wardrobe. You need to sort out your clothes for an example- the love pile, the no pile, the maybe pile and seasonal pile. This way you know exactly what you need and don’t need.

After you have decluttered your wardrobe that is when you can work on your style and explore the minimalist fashion.





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