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We all love to look put together and fashionable every day, let it be to go out for lunch or for work. You always end up promising yourself that you will wear your favorite heels to work and you have to wake up extra early to blow dry your hair. But when the morning rolls in, your back with your office pants and flats. This maybe because you don’t have time in the morning to style yourself or your hair. So you give less priority to the clothes you pick, so you go for the easiest and the most comfortable option. We all wouldn’t mind that extra hour of sleep anyway. What If there was an easier way to look chic and yet comfortable without taking too much time?

You can even wear pajama pants for a casual day out! It not too good to be true. It is obviously not the pajama pants that you wore as a teenager. We are talking about the luxurious and silky ones. When you pair that up with a simple shirt and a complementing jacket or blazer no one would ever know you are wearing pajamas. Another instance is that you don’t have to always wear pants you can go for leggings. Yes, you can even make leggings look chic. You can think that they would not be appropriate for work. But you can make them look very sophisticated and very appropriate when you reinvent them. You should choose the quality good ones in the market. You can pair them up with nice long tops and boots. This will make a beautiful and stylish outfit.

One of the easiest ways to look stylish is by layering. There is definitely something about those long jackets and the dusters. They look so stylish no matter what you are wearing underneath. You could be wearing a simple jean and loafer and still look as chic as you can get. It can be easily worn over t-shirts, jumpers and woolen clothes. It provides you with both comfort and style.

When we look in to shoes, you don’t always have to wear high heels for every occasion. There are so many shoes and slippers that are very versatile. When it comes to heels you have mules, block heels and kitten heels. You can find them comfortable for short commutes and less active days. If you are someone who goes on long commutes and has active days then the sandals that looks like shoes are the best for you. The fur-lined loafers are very much in and you don’t have to worry about the blisters at all.

These are some ways that you can still be comfortable while being as chic as you can.


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