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When we consider fashion and trends, we all love something that is up to date. It is always exciting to wear something that is new and fresh, something that will spice up your wardrobe every time. But there is something called a timeless fashion that will never go out of style. Things such as the perfect neckline, something with elegant lines are always used mostly in real life. Some people go for clothes that may not be the trendiest but that flatter their figure the most. It could be as simple as an A-line dress. These trends come and go but the cut will always be the same.

One such style is the “ladylike” style, this is basically an outfit that is nipped in the waist and has a full skirt to go with it. It is one of the most preferred styles that women go for when they need to be well dressed. It is a trend that complements the natural curves and makes the woman look polished. It works best with kitten heels and vintage jewelry. When it comes wearing a blouse and skirt rather than a fit and flare dress you look more modern. Because it is both comfortable and glamorous.

Another timeless style is the “animal prints”. It all first started when the Europeans colonized Asia and Africa back in the 18th century. When the skin of tigers, zebras and leopards were brought back. Very soon it started being reproduced on fabrics, thus leaving their mark on the décor and clothing. This style keeps coming back because the prints are usually neutrals, they are either browns, black or beige. Therefore they are season less. You can wear them throughout the year, it is the edge adding factor to your wardrobe. Solid jewelry would go perfect with it and when you stick to a silhouette. It will provide you with a fashion that is sleek and simple.

Menswear for women has been the most talked about trend as yet. It all started when Coco Chanel popularized pants for women. Then she went ahead and started making jersey jackets and cardigans for women. This was both stylish and comfortable. One thing about it is that it is flattering for any shape and size. You can easily accessorize it with a chunky watch. The best thing about these clothes is that they are fitted but not oversized. They have sharp tailoring but also have feminine accents.  High heels and daring jewelry will go amazing with it.

These are few of the styles that you can always have in your wardrobe. These will always be in fashion.



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